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Limited Legal Services

Lawyers are usually hired to take a case from beginning to end, which can get a little expensive. When you hire a lawyer to provide a limited legal service, you're hiring the lawyer to perform a specific task or to do just a part of your case. You may have hired a lawyer to provide a limited legal service before, if you've bought or sold a house or had a will drawn up.

The Alberta Limited Legal Services Project is about helping lawyers provide more limited legal services to more clients, and about letting people who might not otherwise be able to hire a lawyer know that other options are available. There are a lot of limited services that lawyers can provide without having to be hired to do more work, including:

giving legal advice about a legal problem, including second opinions
giving an opinion about an agreement
notarizing a document
doing research about a legal problem
preparing court documents
writing an affidavit
preparing a legal argument
going to court with you or on your behalf
writing a letter for you
preparing a settlement offer, or reviewing a settlement offer you have received

In a family law case, for example, a lawyer can give you advice about the likely result if your case goes to trial, or explain how the law about guardianship and the care of children, or the division of property works. A lawyer can also calculate the amount of child support and spousal support that might be payable, or help you decide which of the children's expenses both parents will have to pay toward. A lawyer could make an application for child support on your behalf, help you write a separation agreement or get you divorced.

Not every kind of legal problem can be handled like this. It is usually very difficult for a lawyer to run a trial, for example, unless the lawyer has been involved in the steps leading up to the trial. The lawyer you talk to will tell you if the sort of service you would like her to perform is one that can be done on its own.

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