About FamilyCounsel.ca

FamilyCounsel.ca is a community for family law lawyers. 327 verified lawyers have already joined. FamilyCounsel.ca's central purpose is the sharing of knowledge, through precedents, discussion forums, tools meant to assist in negotiations and make calculations more precise, and announcements of important decisions and judicial procedures.

Through the internet, phenomenal precedents can now gain wider circulation than in the past, when they were typically only shared within firms or by uneditable hard copy. Commenting on precedents also helps to correct errors, and voting allows the best precedents to stand out.

We have great respect and admiration for hard working organizations such as LESA, the CBA, AFCC, and ACTLA. In that regard, we will never host any live seminars or videos, we will not re-post any content for which they have an exclusive license, and we usually don't post slides.

About the Developer

Ken Proudman is a family law lawyer in Edmonton who is part of the Miller Boileau Family Law Group. As Ken comes from a family of teachers, teaching and sharing information are very important to him. He has taught through multiple Legal Education Society of Alberta (LESA) seminars, wrote the Family Chambers Practice Manual, has taught the Parenting After Separation course since 2013, and has written a number of papers and articles.

As his practice consists primarily of complicated separations involving businesses or significant parenting disputes, he first began developing elaborate precedents to increase his efficiency and accuracy. He began sharing his precedents with colleagues, and after receiving a surprising amount of positive feedback, he decided to use his computer programming hobby to develop this website, which was launched in 2017. FamilyCounsel.ca is owned by Ken Proudman.

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