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Fiat form (for the new 2018 PN2) (41 downloads)

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At the March 13, 2018 Court of Queen's Bench Townhall meeting in relation to the new Family Law Practice Note 2 (discussed here), the Honourable Madam Justice Yungwirth mentioned that the Court would need to develop a new fiat form. I've obtained a copy of this form, which can be downloaded below. It appears to relate to fiats where Special Chambers is sought to be adjourned, where a filing deadline is sought to be extended, or where oral evidence is sought. I assume that counsel will be directed to complete the form before bringing their fiat application (similar to ex parte applications). Justice Yungwirth had suggested that the fiat should be sought prior to any deadline. Otherwise, if you're the Applicant, your matter could be struck.

Download Fiat form - PDF file attached - Apr 11, 2018

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