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Enhanced Notice of Relocation & Notice of Objection to Relocation forms (Divorce Act amendments) (78 downloads)

Ken Proudman - view Arbitrator profile
   Edmonton, Alberta

The amendments to the Divorce Act come into force in two months on March 1, 2021. Those amendments, summarized here and here, include the establishment of a new regime to notify of and object to relocations of children. While new Notice of Relocation Regulations were registered in November, I haven't seen any actual forms be circulated yet, and the minimum information that must be included in the Regulation's forms is fairly sparse.

I've drafted a precedent form based on the Regulations, which also adds additional information to warn parents of the consequences of each form, to make them more likely to take the form seriously, to help parents complete each form in a fulsome manner, and to bring to their attention that the Court can modify service requirements (eg where there is a risk of violence).

There's also a Form 3 for persons with ordered contact to notify of their relocation, but I didn't draft that one. I'll leave that to someone else.

Download Notice of Relocation & Objection - Word - DOC file attached - Dec 28, 2020

Caution: we recommend that you scan this file for viruses and malware prior to opening or otherwise using it.

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Sai Ravikumar
  Maple Leaf Law
   Edmonton, Alberta

Thanks, Ken.

1 23 months ago

Michelle Karasinski
  Queck & Associates
   Sherwood Park, Alberta

Ken, you are awesome! Thanks for putting this together!

1 22 months ago

Ken Proudman - view Arbitrator profile
   Edmonton, Alberta

Here's the Department of Justice's form:

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