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Guideline Income Manual for Legal and Accounting Professionals
Jan 15, 2018

Written by Ken Proudman of Miller Boileau Family Law Group and Agnes Leung, CPA, CA, CBV, Collaborative Professional.

This Manual was created to assist legal and accounting professionals in properly determining a person’s guideline income.

Part 1 is preliminary matters such as selecting an accounting professional and required disclosure. Part 2 is non-business guideline income adjustments. Part 3 is business-related guideline income adjustments.

Will be presented along with other materials at LESA's Business Issues in Family Law Matters seminar which I am co-chairing and speaking at in Download (170 downloads)

Ken Proudman of BARR LLP (Alberta)0 Comments

Parenting Law Update (2016)
Apr 17, 2017

This paper was first presented at LESA's Family Law 25 seminar on March 3 and 8, 2016.

PDF Download (57 downloads)

Ken Proudman of BARR LLP (Alberta)2 Comments

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