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rory ziv
  ziv law group
   edmonton, Alberta

Dear friends,

I ask that you consider this message and pass it on to those who do legal aid work. From September 1, 2022, we -- the criminal bar (CTLA/CDLA) - are refusing to take certificates. I ask any of you who do legal aid work to stop as of September 1 from taking new files. Pass this message on to anyone you know who does legal aid. We are advocating for signifiacnt increases in the tariff -- personally, I think it should be $145/hr but I am hopeful the criminal bar will settle for nothing less than $ 125 -- WE ALL NEED TO WORK TOGETHER ON THIS -- and many lawyers have made a lot of personnel sacrifice (financial) to get to this stage.

1 3 months ago

Tracy C Brown
  Brown Law Group
   Edmonton, Alberta

WHO is at the Legal Aid Consultation table representing Family Lawyers on the Roster??? When I put out this question last week no one responded.

I am in solidarity with the Criminal Lawyers but I need to know that the Family Lawyers are not being sacrificed in this action. Can anyone please share the information about who is representing the voice of Family Lawyers in this negotiation?????

KUDOS to the Crim lawyers for pushing the agenda on this.

But again ---- will those in the know about who is bringing the Family Lawyers' voice to this important negotiation with Legal Aid Roster lawyers please share this information! And whoever is at the table can maybe provide an update similar to what the Criminal Lawyers have been getting.

4 3 months ago

Anonymous 2022
   Edmonton Region, Alberta

The hourly tariff rate set by the government is the same for all lawyers who accept LAA certificates - whether it is family, criminal, etc.

0 3 months ago

Carolyn Grogan
  Insight Law LLP
   Edmonton, Alberta

I am a family lawyer and support the Criminal Bar in this action. I also would like to know who is representing the family bar at the table.

3 3 months ago

Wayne Barkauskas, K.C. - view Arbitrator profile
  Wise Scheible Barkauskas
   Calgary, Alberta

Actually, in addition it may make sense to schedule a "day of protest" of all family lawyers across the Province to protest not just legal aid, but the lack of financial support to the courts regarding family law issues - especially at the QB level.This access to justice disaster is a National embarrassment that needs to be recognized and addressed. It could be a single identified day where no family law matters will be scheduled for court (unless already scheduled). I bet our judiciary would play along.

8 3 months ago

Moosa Jiwaji - view Arbitrator profile
   Edmonton, Alberta

Wayne I agree with you. The problem is systemic and not limited to Legal Aid. The courts need resources to hire more staff to bring some semblance of efficiency to the system. It is sad that we cannot even contact someone at the court house by phone like before to make inquiries re: application etc. The cyber approach to filing etc. has created anonymity and the only way to problem solve is via email. We all know how frustrating it is. We need the court counters to open up so that we can talk to real people.

4 3 months ago

Emma Benarzi
  Benarzi Law
   Airdrie, Alberta

If anyone discovers the contact details for who is representing the family bar in the Legal Aid negotiations please let me know. If we have no one at the table then perhaps reps from the criminal bar like Rory could give pointers on how to correct that. I think it's a huge conversation and there's a lot of strength in numbers and in representation.

3 3 months ago

Anonymous 2021
   Calgary Region, Alberta

I support a Day of Protest. The situation in this province is absurd!!!
Thank you Wayne. Let's do it at both Courthouses. I am sending this to everyone I know who does Legal Aid work.

1 3 months ago

Anonymous 2021
   Calgary Region, Alberta

Happening In British Columbia

The B.C. Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday from a group of single mothers who are challenging the province's legal aid system.

The case, launched in 2017 by the Single Mothers Alliance, argues the province's legal aid funding for women fleeing abuse is inadequate, and puts them further at risk.

A judge will hear the latest arguments in their constitutional case this week, as the province tries for a second time to have the lawsuit dismissed.

3 3 months ago

Anonymous 2017
   Calgary Region, Alberta

I gave up legal aid many years ago when they told me i had to get special approval to spend $40.00 to get the transcript of a client's guilty plea when we were looking to set aside the plea before sentence.

Since then i have done tons of free work without the red tape of legal aid in order to do my part for social justice, but have stayed far away from legal aid.

Another complaint is that they will not publish a list of lawyers willing to take a legal aid file so that eliminates our ability to make skillful referrals for those that may qualify.

Privacy trumps effectiveness - i bet a significant majority of the legal aid taking lawyers would agree to disclose their willingness.

1 3 months ago

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