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AFCC AB Conference Feb 29-Mar 1, 2024 in Banff - SAVE THE DATE!!

Tracy C Brown Executive
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  Brown Law Group
   Edmonton, Alberta

Hi All -- SAVE THE DATE for the 2024 Annual AFCC Alberta Conference Thursday, Feb 29 and Friday, Mar 1, 2024 in BANFF (for the first time!). The theme this year is working with high conflict families.

The details are being finalized, but I can assure you it will be worth saving the date. There are some great speakers confirmed, including Toronto-based Dr. Michael Saini to speak on avoiding the polarity that tends to happen in parent-child contact situations (i.e. the now dispelled over-simplified alienation vs estrangement analysis). Having attended a workshop with Dr. Saini at the AFCC Conference in LA in June on this topic I can assure you this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for important learning and skill-building to better understand what is really going on in these difficult cases, and how to more skillfully tackle the tensions (and false polarity) between promoting a fulsome parenting role for both parents with "reunification" interventions, and the family violence perspective arguing against "reunification".

And so much more over 2 intense days of great professional development and networking with Family lawyers, Parenting experts, Parenting Coordinators, Mediators, and Judges in beautiful Banff!!

As has always been the case -- the registration costs will be VERY AFFORDABLE. And I believe there will be a hybrid / online option as well.

There will be sponsorship opportunities - details forthcoming.

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