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LRCY Conference on Child Representation - Sept 21-22

Tracy C Brown Executive
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Hi All -- I haven't seen anyone post yet on the LRCY Conference on Promoting Excellence in Child Legal Representation this coming week - Sept. 21st and 22nd in the mornings -- with a really affordable registration fee (with several options) and access to the recordings for a month.

I don't do LRCY work but there are a couple of really worthwhile sessions such as the one with Dr. Michael Unger on Resilience through Connection. He's an internationally renowned scholar on resilience in children and presented at the AFCC Alberta Conference last March (he's big into avoiding over-pathologizing (is that a word?) and helping kids build connections vs throwing them into endless formal interventions with an endless stream of professionals etc. Not doing justice to his expertise, but just to say he's very interesting and relevant to any of us working on parenting files or as Child Counsel.

Also - Prof. Nick Bala and Dr. Rachel Birnbaum are talking on the Child Experience in ADR.

There's more -- but these two presentations got my attention.

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