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Event: Dealing with Difficult Conversations – Webinar (LESA, Alberta)

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Hosted by LESA in Alberta from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm on September 30, 2020


Price: $195 + GST

Presenter: Karmen Masson, LL.B., CEC

Develop strategies and key skills for turning tough conversations, often experienced in the legal profession, into more effective ones. Learn practical techniques for managing emotionally charged situations and moving in a productive direction, even when there is disagreement. Employ a process that will leave you feeling more comfortable and equipped to manage your difficult conversations.

Please note, registration for this event will close on September 29, 2020 at 3:30 PM.


Karmen Masson, LL.B., CEC

Karmen is a Certified Executive Coach and leadership consultant who helps people and organizations have more effective interactions and build stronger relationships at work. She was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 1997 and worked as a lawyer in private and government practice where she also took on senior management and executive roles. Working closely with members of the judiciary, the legal profession and its stakeholders for over twenty years, she has first-hand experience in dealing with a variety of behavioural styles and overcoming barriers to effective communication. Karmen enjoys sharing her experience and best practices and empowering others to turn their tough conversations into productive ones.


Learn strategies for diffusing heated situations,

Discover what not to do when emotions get involved,

Understand how to prevent misunderstandings,

Address problems rather than postpone them,

Respond more effectively when you feel attacked,

Learn practical techniques for getting derailed conversations back on track,

Address conflict more confidently,

Employ a process to guide you from start to finish, and

Leave with skills and tools to help plan your difficult conversations.

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