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Family Docket - Online Adjournment

Stephen Harfield
Queck & Associates (Alberta. Joined 2017)

There is an ability now to adjourn Family Docket online

So far the reasons for adjournment are only that matters have been resolved or that other side needs time for a lawyer. Curious if matters have been resolved why you would need to adjourn it, though, unless new matters are expected to come up. I imagine if there is no need for docket one should simply indicate that it can be removed from the list.

4 46 days ago

Doug Moe Q.C. - view Arbitrator profile
Moe Hannah LLP (Alberta. Joined 2017)

if resolved just add in the special instructions - please remove from the list. As Justice Grosse has said they are flying the airplane while still trying to build it - and so there are going to be somethings that don't make sense.

1 46 days ago

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