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Urgent Matters Chambers

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I haven't been re-posting court announcements because the Law Society has been doing so and the Courts' website has a fairly simple way to sign up to be notified about email announcements. But this is a fairly significant change, so I'm bringing it to your attention.

A new "Urgent Matters Chambers" will operate every day.
  • 9:30am will be EPO and restraining order reviews.

  • 11:00am will be urgent without notice applications, including restraining order applications but excluding service-related applications.

  • 11:30am AND 1:30pm will be time-sensitive fiats (relating to changing docket-ordered and PN2 deadlines, on notice to the opposing party), and time-sensitive consent orders.

  • 2:00pm will be pre-approved "with notice" urgent applications. The current Urgent Request protocols will continue to apply.

Links to the courtroom are in the Announcement. This is a 6 month pilot project.

Urgent matters are defined in a non-exhaustive list, but essentially it's where there would be serious consequences to persons (eg risk of removal of child of the jurisdiction) or harm to property if the hearing doesn't proceed, or a risk of loss of jurisdiction or expiration of a protection/restraining order. Preservation orders are listed under civil lawyers, but given the definition I imagine family law preservation order applications could be heard as well. There's also a more interesting ground, "urgent orders relating to parenting time, contact or communication with a child (that cannot reasonably be delayed)." I imagine that applies to imposing supervised parenting and maybe police enforcement clauses, but we'll see whether issues such as denial of contact can also be addressed.

The full announcement may be viewed here:

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