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Event: Mediation of Family & Divorce Conflicts (LESA, Calgary)

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BARR LLP (Alberta. Joined 2017)

Hosted by LESA in Calgary from 8:30 am on May 16, 2022 to 4:30 pm on May 20, 2022 (multi-day event)



$2,045 + GST

Mediation is increasingly important in the practice of family law. Receive 40 hours of intensive, hands-on skills training in this in-depth, 5-day program.

Topics include:

• 5-stage mediation model

• Techniques of developing relationships in mediation

• Positional negotiation vs. interest based negotiation

• 5 basic negotiating principles

• Screening

• Intake interviews

• Mediation/arbitration agreements

• Calculating child support

• Spousal support – advisory guidelines

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(Alberta. Joined 2021)

After completing the program will certificates be awarded? Would we be permitted to state that we are mediators or mediators and arbitrators?

0 22 days ago

Ken Proudman - view Arbitrator profile
BARR LLP (Alberta. Joined 2017)

You'd have to contact LESA to ask about certificates. I imagine that they do, but I don't think they offer credentials such as C.Med (ADRIC and ADRIA do). Mediation isn't a regulated profession, anyone can call themselves a mediator, although training would make them much more effective, and likely assist in bringing in clients, especially if you're looking to be listed on mediation rosters.

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