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Anonymous 2020
   Edmonton Region, Alberta

New Announcement from QB:

Back to in person for almost everything.

Remote for FDC, but in person for Regular and Special Chambers.

Sad day, in my opinion.

3 4 months ago

Anonymous 2017
   Edmonton Region, Alberta

Good, so much more was resolved at the Courthouse steps, being at the Courthouse was a good way to build rapport between lawyers so that matters would be more likely to resolve, and it was so much more helpful to be able to hand documents up to the Justice.

- 4 months ago

Anonymous 2018
   Edmonton Region, Alberta

I have mixed feelings about it. I like that Docket will still be remote.

It's my understanding that in person for Specials and Regular Chambers is only for matters scheduled AFTER July 4th, to be heard on or after Sept 6th? So if I scheduled Regular Chambers today, it's still remote?

0 4 months ago

Anonymous 2019
   Calgary Region, Alberta

After spending over 50 minutes last week sitting in FDC with no matters being heard because the Clerk couldn't get the sound to work on their end I started to wish that FDC was going to 'in person' as well.

The technological glitches are difficult and the staff don't have the resources or training to trouble shoot.

As if the wheels of justice weren't turning slowly enough in Alberta right now, I hate to face further delays because of technology.

0 4 months ago

Anonymous 2020
   Edmonton Region, Alberta

After having opposing counsel not show up then having an agent ask to stand down... I was happy to be remote so I could get some other work done rather than sitting in a courtroom for two hours waiting for the other lawyer to find the time to appear.

I have found the remote sittings to be very beneficial for efficiency, save my clients money on having me travel and sit there, and other matters can be attended to while waiting.

I can appreciate that matters can get settled on the courthouse steps but that is rare enough that I would rather remain remote and work on those settlements before the day of the hearing.

Keep remote hearings!

5 4 months ago

Doug Moe Q.C. - view Arbitrator profile
  Moe Hannah LLP
   Calgary, Alberta

My vote is remote.

0 4 months ago

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