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May 2022 Calendar

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 1  2  3 • 12pm: Provincial Court Open House (CBA Family and Child & Youth South).

 4  5  6  7 
 8 • Mother's Day.

 9 10 11 • 9am: Pensions in Family Law Clinic (LESA).

12 • CBA Family Section usually meets on this day.
• 12pm: Developments on Child Support: Counsel who argued Colucci v Colucci & Peters v Atchooay (CBA Family North).

13 • 9am: Family Law Issues for Paralegals (Edmonton & Live Stream) (LESA).

15 16 17 • 12pm: How Can We (Lawyers and our Assistants) Help the Clerks (CBA Family South).

18 • ACFP usually meets on this day.

19 20 21 
22 23 24 • 12pm: Best Practices in JDR and Justice settlement meetings (CBA ADR North).

25 26 • 10am: Social Media & Torts in Family Law (CBA Family National).

27 28 
29 30 31  1  2  3  4 

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