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Marginal Tax Calculator

The Marginal Tax Calculator assists lawyers to calculate the approximate tax consequences of various transactions, such as net retirement income, liquidating assets, and the additional taxes payable upon spousal support payments.

The "marginal" tax rate is the percentage of tax applied to income for each tax bracket. As a rough example, if an Albertan earned only employment income of $80,000 in 2017, their first $45,916 of earnings would be taxed at 25% at the first bracket ($11,479), and as their remaining income ($34,084) would not exceed the second bracket (up to $91,831), it would be taxed at 30.5% in the second bracket ($10,395.62). They would then receive the federal and personal basic personal amounts, which would reduce their taxation by $3614.25, resulting in total taxes of $18,260 (22.8% tax). Their taxation may be further adjusted by other credits and deductions, such as for their age or parental status.

Matrimonial Property Statement

Under Construction. This tool is intended to replace the Excel spreadsheet model of Matrimonial Property Statements. It will permit quick comparisons of each party's numbers and positions, permit for more accurate tax calculations, facilitate calculations of unequal property division, permit quick comparisons of multiple scenarios, and much more. It is intended to be completed in 2018 or 2019.

Business Guideline Income Analyzer

Under Construction. This tool is intended to permit lawyers to view various guideline income analysis scenarios pertaining to businesses. It will permit adjustments for personal expenses, amortization, non-calendar corporate year ends, the proportion of net income to be included, payments to non-arm's length parties, a comparison of each side's figures and position, and much more. It is intended to be completed in 2018 or 2019.

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