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The following professionals are known to provide family law or court related services. Please contact Ken Proudman at (780) 414-5400 if you would like to be added or removed from this list. Sorry, at this time we aren't listing realtors, mortgage brokers, or financial planners, as the list would be too long and time consuming to maintain. DISCLAIMER: the only service provided by this website is to list names, the persons listed are not our employees or agents, and we do not make any representations or warranties about any person's quality or qualifications. Any concerns about a particular professional should be addressed with that person or their regulatory body.


Family law lawyers who are known to arbitrate, from

Edmonton Arbitrators:

Calgary Arbitrators:

Lethbridge Arbitrators:

Red Deer Arbitrators:

Lloydminster Arbitrators:

  • Stephanie Dobson

Medicine Hat Arbitrators:

Fort McMurray Arbitrators:

Okotoks and Black Diamond Arbitrators:

Saskatoon Arbitrators:

sherwood park Arbitrators:

St. Albert Arbitrators:

A directory of arbitrators is also maintained by the ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA).

Business Valuators

The following Chartered Business Valuators (CBVs) are known to be able to provide both Business Valuations and prepare Guideline Income Reports.



Grande Prairie:

A searchable list of CBVs is also maintained by CBV Institute

Fertility Lawyers

The following lawyers are known to practice in the area of fertility law and reproductive rights.

Coaches and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts/Specialists

The following are Coaches, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, or Certified Divorce Financial Specialists, who can help clients understand their finances, organize their financial disclosure, plan their future, and/or navigate the emotions and stress of a separation.

Edmonton region:


Financial Advisors

Ken Proudman, instructor of family law at two universities, has provided additional training relating to financial issues in family law to the following financial advisors & planners, who can help clients determine how to invest their wealth:

Land Appraisers

Searchable lists of appraisers are maintained by the Appraisal Institute of Canada,, and


A directory of Family Law Mediators is maintained by the Alberta Family Mediation Society.

Pension Actuaries and Lawyers

The following pension actuaries are known to value pensions for family law purposes.

The following lawyers are known to practice both pension law and family law, and can be hired to assist with pension division.

Psychologists & Social Workers

A list of which psychologists and social workers provide court-related services is maintained by the Alberta Chapter of AFCC. These psychologists can provide services ordered by a court, or can prepare reports/assessments to be used in courts.

Private Investigators & Other

  • Lexbe - recovery of deleted emails and text messages

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