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Virtual Cutting Edge Family Law SuperConference 2021

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BARR LLP (Alberta)

Hosted by Alberta Institute of Family Lawyers in Alberta from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on February 5, 2021


1. Advanced issues on Divorce Act changes

The Divorce Act will be changing significantly on March 1, 2021. The old law of Gordon v Goertz will now be replaced with new rules under the Act. Mobility will now be an understandable concept! Learn updated ideas about family violence. Get early access to revised Alberta forms and precedents.

You will be part of a lively debate between one of the drafters of the legislation and a seasoned law professor. This session will be an in-depth look at relocation, family violence, and tips on new procedures.

2. Spousal Support – Hard Issues

The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines have been in use since 2005. One of the authors of the SSAGs is leading academic, Professor Rollie Thompson, Q.C. The recent case of Wild v Wild from the Alberta Court of Appeal cements the status of the SSAGs importance in Alberta law. Learn about hard issues in Spousal Support:

- Revised User’s Guide — how to use the RUGs in negotiations and Court;
- Entitlement to Spousal Support — getting clarity in a confusing area (compensatory and non-compensatory);
- Location in the ranges for amount and duration;
- Shared custody — similar standards of household living or not;
- Incomes above $350,000 — different approaches to the SSAGs;
- Lump sum spousal support and contingency discounts – the calculation is not so simple;
- Post-separation increases in income — payor spouse has increased income after separation, is that income shared?;
- Imputing income — even in Alberta;
- Self-sufficiency — how to tell when someone is "self-sufficient";
- Material change in circumstances — understanding how to conduct this analysis;
- Re-partnering — the effect of a new partner on spousal support claims;
- Termination of spousal support — bringing the obligation or entitlement to an end;
- Older couples — how to analyze these facts;
Retirement — the baby boomers are coming: what is early retirement? When can you retire?;
- Retroactive spousal support — how to properly analyze these cases;
- Exceptions — problem areas missed by lawyers and judges.

This session will be led by the energetic and interesting Professor Thompson, with a little help from his friends.

The sessions will be interactive, and will allow the participants to share ideas and questions with the speakers.

This program qualifies Alberta lawyers as credit towards CPD plan.

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