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Full-day webinar: Limited Scope Legal Services Training

Ken Proudman - view Arbitrator profile
BARR LLP (Alberta)

Hosted by Alberta Legal Coaches and ACTLA in Alberta from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on May 18, 2023


ACTLA, in partnership with Alberta Legal Coaching and Limited Services, presents ‘Limited Scope Legal Services Training’, a Full-Day webinar that will teach you everything you need to know about offering limited scope services. Presented by J.P. Boyd, K.C. (Boyd Arbitration Chambers), and a roster of speakers including Ken Proudman, Reena Herian, Anthony Young, K.C., Rob Harvie, K.C., Allan Guty, Colin Basaraba, and Jo-Anne Stark, this FULL DAY webinar promises to be an excellent addition to our roster of educational content in 2023!


Defining Coaching & Limited Scope Services. Differences from “usual” modes of practice.
Research about limited scope services and its implications
What limited scope looks like
Providing limited scope services
Ethical and code of conduct considerations, LSA/Court perspectives
Drafting retainer agreements
Managing clients, courts, and counsel
Managing a practice offering coaching and limited scope services

$200 for those who aren't ACTLA members, and $150 for those who are ACTLA members. There are even lower rates for students and assistants. If you'd also like a 16-month ACTLA membership, the total cost is $450.


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