Webinar & in person: Dealing with High Conflict Personalities

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BARR LLP (Alberta)

Hosted by LESA in Alberta from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm on November 2, 2023

Gain insight and confidence when dealing with high conflict personalities. Behaviours that increase conflict can occur it many different settings, including legal disputes, divorce, in the workplace, or in personal relationships. Understanding how to connect with, manage, and respond to high conflict personalities is critical for today’s lawyers.

Led by Michael Lomax, mediator and conflict resolution trainer, attendees will develop skills and techniques to manage high conflict situations.

Topics will include:

• How the human brain responds to conflict

• Understanding High Conflict Personalities (HCPs) and their cycle of thinking in conflict

• How to connect with HCPs and maintain a positive relationship with them

• How to manage our own anxiety when dealing with HCPs

• How to be assertive with HCPs

• How to respond to misinformation and set limits on their behaviour

• How to help HCPs take responsibility for resolving their own complaints


Michael Lomax, High Conflict Institute

In person (Edmonton):



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