Webinar & in person: Will AI Replace Lawyers? Harassed and Plagued by An Unruly Self-Rep?

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BARR LLP (Alberta)

Hosted by CBA Family South in Alberta from 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm on November 21, 2023

Hello Justice, My Name is ChatGPT: Will AI Replace Lawyers?
Artificial intelligence is automizing the practice of law. Tasks that once took an army of lawyers weeks to research and draft can be completed in 10 seconds by a bot. What does this mean for the future of lawyers? Can we safely integrate AI into our practices? This presentation will be a case study of ChatGPT, including a live demonstration of the AI software.

Second Presentation: Harassed and Plagued by An Unruly Self-Rep?
You have an opposing party who has addiction issues and other mental health challenges; before you know it, you are dealing with an ungovernable person harassing everyone on a file including his counsel, his former counsel, you as counsel, supervision agencies, negative online reviews for everyone involved on the file, showing up to your office uninvited, trying to bribe you, threatening your client’s family, etc….What does one do?!?

Alicia McLelland (Associate, Dunphy Best Blocksom LLP)
Stephen Page (Associate, Dunphy Best Blocksom LLP)

In person (Calgary):


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