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Tariff Increase - Legal Aid News

Anonymous 2022
   Edmonton Region, Alberta

The hourly tariff has been increased to $125.00 per hour as of January 1, 2023.

0 14 months ago

Ambreen Azim
  KH Dunkley Law Group
   Calgary, Alberta

This is great, but we need to work with Legal Aid to change the certificates when the certificate includes every family law issue(s) (parenting, property, child support, spousal support, etc.). I find it impossible to complete an entire family law file within those hours granted, and it's not easy to request more hours in such a situation. Any thoughts?

1 14 months ago

Anonymous 2017
   Edmonton Region, Alberta

The idea behind legal aid, versus public defenders and government staff lawyers, is that a client will get better service if they are part of a market where there is “some” element of choice, and the lawyers aren’t micromanaged.

Works better for criminal law, I think. Defendants don’t call their lawyer everyday complaining about their ex and derailing the focus of the case, and the crown doesnt do shitty things every day to antagonize your client and again derail things. Plus there are so many other variables in family law. Criminal comes down to whether someone will be locked up and/or subject to conditions or not. Family - well we’ve seen how long the orders can be, the issues debated, the hairs split.

I think a lot of legal aid family work is front-ended. Talk to potential clients and explain their predicament, the straight goods. You want to help them, but you have a time budget. How realistic will it be? Maybe it’s fine. Or maybe you don’t feel like gambling and decline. If more lawyers turned down unrealistic certificates it would be better for everyone.

0 14 months ago

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