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Tracy C Brown
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  Brown Law Group
   Edmonton, Alberta

Asst Prof.Mary-Jo Maur of Queen's U will be speaking on Torts & Family Law for the CBA Family Law North meeting on Feb 9th.

She presented on this topic at the National Family Law Conference in Whistler in July and it was a fantastic presentation accompanied by a very helpful paper. She will be updating her presentation and paper to include any new cases of note. What makes her presentation so useful is both the overview of all the torts that might come up but also all the practical and procedural issues that we need to put our minds to -- limitations, professional obligations, etc. AND how to manage conflict reduction with the potential for ratcheting up the conflict (just imagining the SOC for Divorce being filed together with a Family Violence tort claim for money damages etc.)

Anyways -- I think it will be a valuable 1.5 hours!

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