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Improved Discussion Board Search (in honour of the late Stephen Harfield)

Ken Proudman Executive
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   Edmonton, Alberta

Stephen Harfield wrote 2324 discussion board posts, mostly responding to other lawyers asking for help, and many of his responses were anonymous. Over one in seven of the posts on this website were due to Stephen. He had a wealth of knowledge, and through the great archive that is the internet, his guidance will continue to guide lawyers for many years.

I wanted to do something to honour Stephen's enormous contribution to the Family community, and ensure that lawyers and students continue to benefit from his guidance, so I spent the afternoon improving the ability to search through discussion topics. Before, the search function was fairly strict, only searching for the exact phrase typed in, in its exact order. Now, the search ranks results, supports natural language searches, and allows searches for specific terms using quotation marks. In other words, it's much more akin to the type of search used by Google and other engines, and therefore much more useful.

RIP Stephen, you'll be missed friend.

If you'd like to express condolences, there's a discussion board started by Tracy Brown here, and Tracy has shared a link to the obituary and guestbook: We'll be sharing that page with his wife and parents, who were glad to hear of Stephen's significant and lasting impact.

22 7 months ago

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