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Parenting Coordination - CBA Family Law Webinar

Tracy C Brown
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  Brown Law Group
   Edmonton, Alberta

May 14th noon to 1:30 - CBA Family Law North Zoom webinar on "PARENTING COORDINATION: What we are doing in Alberta and what we can learn from other Jurisdictions" with John-Paul Boyd QC presenting, and reference materials to be made available.

Questions to be explored:

* What do we mean when we refer to Parenting Coordination (PC)?

* Who is doing PC work in Alberta? The role of lawyers doing PC work.

* Are there generally accepted PC standards of "best practices" in Alberta? Do we need Alberta-specific common standards?

* What can we take from the AFCC Guidelines on PC?

* Is there PC accreditation in Alberta? Accepted training / experience? (AFMS, AFCC, others?)

* How does Alberta's PC practice compare to other Canadian jurisdictions? (Has Calgary embracing private arbitration earlier than Edmonton impacted on the development of PC practice?)

*Orders or no Orders? - the "delegation of authority" challenge. Thinking outside the box and models from other jurisdictions.

*Innovative approaches such as PC "teams" with a lawyer and psychologist, various forms of "PC lite".

* PC work in the new world order - by email and video conferencing.

* The call for a new Practice Note on Court mandated PC...

[NOTE - we are compiling a Directory of everyone doing PC work in Alberta. If you have not already been contacted about this Directory and would like to be included please contact Tracy Brown at to be included]

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