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New Government Service for Family Law Lawyers

Anonymous 2019
   Edmonton Region, Alberta

As per the email sent by the Alberta Law Society 11/24/2020:

The Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) and the Child Support Recalculation Program (RP) are pleased to announce a new service to assist family law lawyers who are drafting child and spousal support orders that will be administered by the MEP and/or RP.

Family Support Order Services (FSOS) are available to answer questions about how these programs administer spousal support, child support, Section 7 expenses or court costs. They can also provide input on how a draft clause would be administered by either MEP or RP. Questions and inquiries can be sent to the FSOS Standards Unit at

This inbox is monitored daily, and staff will do their best to have a response to you within three business days.

Questions about specific MEP files should still be directed to the file’s Case Officer. To connect with the Case Officer, call the MEP’s Employer and Lawyer line at 780.401.7651 (dial 310.0000 first, if calling from outside the Edmonton region).

1 3 years ago

Anonymous 2018
   Edmonton Region, Alberta

This is fantastic!!!!

0 3 years ago

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