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Disclosure update from FASCL

Christina Wallace
Christina Wallace Law (Alberta. Joined 2020)

An update for those who need child welfare disclosure for family matters:

Email address for these requests is Any requests for disclosure of documents from Children’s Services under s. 126(1)(b) or (c) of the Child Youth and Family Enhancement Act should go to this email address. It will be monitored by our office and Children’s Services and you will get a letter from us in response. If you are requesting disclosure on behalf of a guardian of the child, we will be asking you to provide us with contact information for the other guardian as our office will advise the other guardian of the request to seek their input and to determine if they are also seeking disclosure. It would expedite these requests if you copy the other guardian or their counsel with the initial request. Wherever possible, provide a joint request for disclosure. It will also expedite the request if you provide information about what you are seeking and why. If you are able to limit the request by time frame or the kind of documents that you are seeking that will likely mean that you get the disclosure more quickly. Having said that, our client will exercise its discretion to limit the documents that it provides. It is our experience that contact notes and emails are often replicated in other documents on the file so we will only provide them if the client believes that their disclosure is warranted for some reason. We will also not provide psychological assessments of the guardians unless there is clear consent from that guardian nor will we provide Zebra or police reports unless they are on the file and their provision is deemed to be in the best interests of the child. Our client will also limit the time frame for which they will provide disclosure. Finally this process is only available if you are representing the child’s guardian. People who are not guardians are required to seek disclosure under s. 126.11 of CYFA.

2 38 days ago

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