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Event: Hear the Child Reports (CBA Child & Youth South, Alberta)

Ken Proudman - view Arbitrator profile
BARR LLP (Alberta. Joined 2017)

Hosted by CBA Child & Youth South in Alberta from 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm on December 7, 2021


Hear the Child Reports provide an essential vehicle for ensuring that a child’s view is captured and heard by persons involved in making decisions which affect a child’s living arrangements, relationships with parents and involvement in activities.

Our speakers are either current or founding members of the BC Hear the Child Society.

They will speak to the Hear the Child reports available in BC, including:

Their origin;

Relative cost to other options;

Training for individuals who do them;

Reception by BC Courts;

Potential for availability in Alberta.


Arlene Henry, Q.C., Arlene H. Henry Law Corporation

John-Paul Boyd, Q.C., John Paul Boyd Arbitration Chambers

0 12 days ago

Ken Proudman - view Arbitrator profile
BARR LLP (Alberta. Joined 2017)

Is this the same thing that we call Voice of the Child Reports in Edmonton?

0 12 days ago

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