Seeking feedback on proposed change to anonymous commenting

Ken Proudman Executive
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   Edmonton, Alberta

Because court procedures vary by municipality, I'm thinking of changing the website so that posts list the commenter's municipality, including for anonymous comments.

I thought I'd seek feedback first in case anyone is concerned that change would jeopardize their anonymity. This might in particular be an issue in smaller centers.

Does anyone think that their municipality appearing next to "Anonymous" would make them less likely to comment?

0 23 months ago

Wayne Barkauskas, K.C. Executive
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  Wise Scheible Barkauskas
   Calgary, Alberta

You could instead identify as Edmonton, Calgary or Other to solve the anonymity problem.

4 23 months ago

Stephen Harfield
  Queck & Associates
   Sherwood Park, Alberta

Wayne beat me to it, that was my first thought.

I suppose if it were possible and to be more fancy, there might be a way for people to select what they want disclosed. Ie, do you want to hide your name? What about your municipality? What about your year joining? Or perhaps these can be personal settings that can be adjusted.

Another idea could be, if this is primarily about discussions, have another drop down. So you write your post, select the dropdown for topic area, then select a dropdown for court location. An anonymous lawyer asking about a procedure in Peace River, for example, may not have to be assumed to be practicing there.

One thing I think of is that this site might be a little Edmonton heavy right now. If you disclose municipality, I wonder if this starts increasing a skew towards one municipality contributing more than others.

A last thought is to make it less about municipalities, and more about judicial districts.

0 23 months ago

Dawn Nelson
  Dawn L. Nelson, Barrister & Solicitor
   Edmonton, Alberta

I agree that specifying judicial district might be the way to go.

0 23 months ago

Anonymous 2021
   Other Region, Alberta

This anonymous feature is fantastic. However, having a court location would aid in triaging the specific concerns that a given court site is experiencing. There will also be less posts for those who do not attend courts in that judicial district.

1 23 months ago

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