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Event: Best Practices in JDR and Justice settlement meetings (CBA ADR North, Alberta)

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Hosted by CBA ADR North in Alberta from 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm on May 24, 2022


Join us for an interactive and dynamic presentation where Justice Jeffrey will discuss the in’s and out’s of Justice assisted settlement talks.

Justice Jeffrey has graciously agreed to answer questions like:

• What do members of the Bench find most effective for written materials? The volume of written materials has become overwhelming, are there suggestions from the Bench on ways to reduce volume of submitted materials?

• In preparing clients for a JDR, what do Justices want to hear directly from the clients? And, from the lawyers on behalf of their clients?

• For a Binding JDR, in the pre-JDR process is there a way to go beyond timelines? In other words, how to get the most out of the pre-JDR process to narrow issues, assess what case-law to provide, possible agreed statement of facts, and how much direction should the bar expect from the Bench?

Come hear the discussion on these questions and bring your own questions to get the most of the settlement process.


The Honourable Mr. Justice Paul Jeffrey

Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta

1 52 days ago

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