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Proposal: Start an "Alberta Family Lawyers Advocacy Association"
Other - Aug 24, 2022

100% in favour out of 26 votes

Wayne Barkauskas, K.C. Executive
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  Wise Scheible Barkauskas
   Calgary, Alberta

You will note that the "Criminal Defense Lawyers Association" is very specific and exclusive. It allows them to advocate loudly for their unique interests without jeopardizing other advocacy efforts on other matters (unlike the CBA Criminal Law Section).

Following this lead would mean that the private Family Law Bar (it would have to exclude government lawyers) may wish to set up a similar organization who's purpose is to advocate on behalf of the family bar. It could be that the time has come...

4 13 months ago

Ken Proudman Executive
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   Edmonton, Alberta

My plan has been to contact firms to start a Family Law Lawyers' Association (FamLLA) next year. The idea would be to bolster the CBA's advocacy efforts and other similar endeavours, organize rapport-building events such as holiday and summer parties, suggest practice standards, and oversee the news and calendar on this website. I haven't been able to advance this as I'm focusing on another society, but let me know if anyone is interested in helping to take FamLLA off the ground next year

7 13 months ago

   Calgary, Alberta

I am happy to assist in Calgary too. Thank you.

1 13 months ago

Emma Benarzi Executive
  Benarzi Law
   Airdrie, Alberta

I'm interested in helping out (I'm in the Calgary/Airdrie area). If we come across other colleagues not on this forum who show interest would you like us to provide them with your contact information?

0 13 months ago

Suchetna Channan Executive
  Suchetna Channan
   Calgary, Alberta

Great idea. I'm interested!

0 13 months ago

Anne McVea
  Reliance Legal Group LLP
   Calgary, Alberta

I am willing to help in Calgary
Thank you for this initiative

0 13 months ago

Sasha Joshi
  Foster LLP
   Calgary, Alberta

great idea!

0 13 months ago

Wayne Barkauskas, K.C. Executive
 view Arbitrator profile
  Wise Scheible Barkauskas
   Calgary, Alberta


0 13 months ago

Anonymous 2017
   Edmonton Region, Alberta

Note however that the CBA is still an effective advocacy platform. When it comes to issues like legal aid funding, unified courts, better resources and better funding, they have established methods and pathways. Just because there are government lawyers in CBA doesn't mean you cannot stridently advocate for necessary reforms, one just might to have more a mindset about the shape of it. The fact of the matter is many family bar concerns are concerns that impact other people - the government should want efficient justice and a unified family court for example is not a "family bar" issue as much as it is also a criminal law issue, and immigration law issue, an economy issue.

I would recommend then that any organization uniquely devoted to family bar knows how to feel out their points of intersection with other organizations, and does not in the effort to become a leading "voice" become in the public perception a squealing sound of resentment and apostacy. Similarly, doesn't become so useless like other organizations I see that might have a couple drinks a year and calls it at that.

There are a few lobbying firms that can be consulted as well. Hill and Knowlton is a bigger outfit with offices in Edmonton and Calgary.

And again, I don't think the family bar has to exclude government people. Some of the most interested lawyers for family law end up working in government for MEP, CFS, etc and we would want their help and energy too!

0 12 months ago

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