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What changes should be made to family law?

These proposals let family law lawyers discuss and vote on what changes they think should be made to the law or court procedures. The results can be viewed and shared with legislators and the Courts. The proposals put forth are written by member lawyers, and do not necessarily reflect the views of this website or its administrators. You can view more proposals or make a proposal yourself.

Proposal: Docket Court needs Rules
Other - Feb 14, 2023

89% in favour out of 19 votes

Stephen Harfield
  Queck & Associates
   Sherwood Park, Alberta

We should have clarity as to what Justices in Docket Court can do, what possible routes of appeal there might be, amending endorsements, sanctions or costs for doing things like trying to argue cases (ya rascals).

One thing that has been on my mind is the recent 2022ABCA386 decision that confirms counsel should have control over litigaiton strategy for filing response affidavits and questioning. Should docket court be pre-determining whether a response be filed? or be filed before questioning?

I wonder if there is any buzz out there about whether anyone is actually going to put some casing around this process, or whether the actual plan is to continue it as a stop-gap vague thing until more robust rules about a UFC can be developed and rolled out.

0 15 months ago

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